WallMount «FLAT-1»

WallMount «FLAT-1»


Thanks to the V-Loop, the Slackline Allround-light can be mounted in seconds on slackline posts without carabiners and tree slings.

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The Perfect Slackline for slacklineposts & WallMounts

Quick rigging thanks to the V-Loop

The special V-Loop (edgewise seam) allows the Slackline Allround-light to be mounted to the slackline post in the simplest and fastest way possible. This system was originally developed for physical education and has been successfully used at many Swiss & Dutch schools for many years.

Advantages to other slacklines

  • No TreeSling needes - so quick assembly. 
  • No twisting in the line
  • Ratchet always close to the anchor, compared to system that work with a 2,5m girth hitch sling


  • 15m webbing (37 mm wide) with sewn-in V-loop
  • Robust long-lever ratchet with sewn-in V-loop

The design of the V-Loop of this product is internationally protected and therefore exclusively available only at SLACKTIVITY.

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