HangOver «Royal»

HangOver «Royal»


Rotation fun with four slackline webbings – The most addictive full body work-out! Available as 4.2m and 7.2m version.

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Gym wheel fun with the DaVinci Slackline!

A full-body work out

The DaVinci Slackline is a full-body workout while also training your coordinative skills. Train your leg, torso and shoulder muscles when learning these fun and crazy moves – beware: you will be addicted in no time! The possible moves on the DaVinci Slackline are similar to a gym wheel with the difference that you are also pushing the four slackline webbings outwards with your arms and legs.

The Davinci is available in two different lengths. The 4.2m version is ideal to use for slightly stretched 5-8m length slacklines/ rodeo-lines (DaVinci with slackline extension on both ends). The 7.2m version is ideal for tense slacklines (3: 1 HangOver pulley pull for 1 person) with a total length of 10-20m.

To get to the desired tension with the DaVinci slackline, other traditional slackline extension loops or pieces of rope are required.

After you have made several turns on the DaVinci, the slackline / pieces of rope will twist. To prevent this, we recommend using two swivels with two carabiners and 8mm QuickLinks / 8mm DeltaQuickLinks (see recommended accessories for further details).

When practicing for the first time, we highly advice using a soft mat (16 mat) or a crash pad. However, after the first few attempts, you immediately notice that it is less difficult than you might think at first.

Even non-slackliners can learn to turn with the DaVinci slackline. We advise to have a second person helping you until you have found the optimal starting position (basic slackline skills are required for this).

DaVinci Slackline contains:

  • 4 x slackline webbing "T20" white and green with sewn loops
  • Available in two lengths (4.2 and 7.2m)
  • MBS: 25kN
  • Weight: 4.2m = 615g / 7.2m = 1045g
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