small RiggingPlate

small RiggingPlate


The deadMan Plate can be used to improve every slackline setup, from lightweight rigs to high-tension longlines. The unique design and geometry allow for a multitude of connections. The built-in shackle spacers are perfect for shackles and direct quickpin connection!

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deadManPlate - piece of Art

This hot-forged rigging plate from anodized aircraft aluminium is the newest development of Slacktivity. The deadMan Plate is a slackline specific rigging plate that’s designed for versatility and lightweight rigging. A big variety of anchor holes and sizes allow the plate to be used for conventional rope pulley systems, various HangOver pulley systems, and in complex highline anchors. Because of the unique design, the plate can be used in all orientations and directions, allowing for endless connecting options. With a low weight of 304 grams and a high Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 75kN, this plate is your rigging companion for everything from lightweight setups to high-tension longlines where a bomber approach is needed.

There are three holes with built-in spacers for shackles or direct quickpin connection, which ensure that your gear always fits snug. This prevents any damage due to metal-on-metal friction. The bigger holes in the ‘face’ have smooth edges, which allows for soft connections to be made. Spansets, soft shackles, strands of static rope and our Slacktivity slings work perfectly together with the deadManPlate. The abundance of anchoring options also gives you enough space for back-ups and provides the perfect geometry for a HangOver-Pulley tensioning system. No matter the intended use, the deadMan plate will clean up your rig!


  • Dimensions: 169x144x23.1mm
  • Weight: 304g
  • Material: Aircraft aluminum 7075-T6, SLACKTIVITY-green anodized
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) in all directions: 75kN
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) in all directions: 15kN


  • Round edges for soft connections
  • Large openings for direct fixing of RoundSlings (bGebz knot) or adj. TreeSlings
  • The integrated centering tubes for shackles make the handling much easier than with separate centering tubes
  • Provides enough space between main and backup line when used as a masterpoint
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