Viel RatschenPower bei minimalem Gewicht, hoher Präzision und maximalem Bedienkomfort.

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Power Ratchet - easy & powerful

SLACKTIVITY has developed the first ratchet that is not optimized for lashing but for slacklining: the Power Ratchet.

Detensioning the slackline releases a lot of energy. The ratchet is pulled to the tree. In order to make the opening as comfortable and safe as possible, the opening / lever handle has been designed especially ergonomically, so that relaxing the line is child's play even for anxious people.

With a weight of 900 grams, this is one of the lightest ratchets ever, which have a breaking load of 50kN (5 tons). It is suitable for 35-38 mm slacklines.


  • for 35-38mm slackline widths
  • Ratchet height: 17cm
  • Weight: 900g
  • Material: high quality steel with chrome finish
  • breaking load: 50kN
  • WLL: 12kN
  • double backup mechanism


  • lightest 50kN ratchet ever
  • noble chrome finish
  • ergonomic opening lever handle
  • V-Loop offers a variety of mounting options

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In addition to the breaking-load tests of the SLACKTIVITY suppliers, this information is additionally checked by SLACKTIVITY Switzerland. The Power Ratchet was charged with 46kN (4.6t). This has not broken and was still fully functional. Only the rod to which the end loop is attached and the spindle were slightly bent. At a tensile load of 30kN, no impairment of the PowerRatsche was found.

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