Meet the Snatch! The smallest and lightest webbing grabbing device on the market.

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Snatch V2.2

Meet the Snatch!

Check out this new webbing clamping device made by souzslackline. Now available through Slacktivity with 2 colored plates!

The Snatch's function is to grab the slackline webbing. Rigging this way is called softpointing, this had the adventage that there's less weight of the tensioning system in your line. Also less components in your system that can not fail! It can be used in the following rigging scenario's:

  • Tensioning with the HangOverPulley* 3:1 and 9:1, to pull the slackline webbing through the weblock. The worldwide most used tensioning system for Highlines!
  • Tensioning with a rope pulley system, where you can later remove the pulley from the slackline.


  • The Snatch comes in at just 106 grams! That's less than a HangOver!
  • Size: 85mm x 47mm x 20m, this means it's also smaller than your HangOver.
  • All together this is the perfect tensioning system for your highlines, or small nylon lines in the park!
  • Made in Russia
  • CNC'd 7075 Aluminium with Vibram Rubber
  • 2 connected and Spliced UHWMPE-loops with stitching
  • Working Load Limit 7kN
  • Minimal Breaking Strength: 25kN

*We recommend the LineGrip instead of the snatch for the HangOverPulley 5:1 and 15:1, cause the snatch together with the softRiggingPlate will make the webbing touching each other by the HangOverPulley.

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