redTube B 200m

redTube B 200m




With about 1kg weight and a minimum packing volume, the Traveler-15 set can even be taken in your jacket pocket. Never miss a slackline chance! - With it you can take your slackline everywhere.

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Super light Slackline-Set

Perfect for traveling

The Traveler Slackline set is the perfect choice if you want to have some fun on a low tension line. The webbing «LSD-T20» is light and incredibly dynamic. Even at a short distance it's a lot of fun. It's perfect for the beginner that wants to learn to surf, and the experienced slackliner that wants to have fun! 

The KingPin-Weblock makes rigging and derigging easy and efficient. Because it is designed so that the webbing can be pulled laterally out of the weblock for release (no release system required). And this way you have already the most sophisticated Aluminium Shackle - the KingPin in your gear bag:-)

The latest development of SLACKTIVITY, where a 5cm wide flat polyester webbing is sewn directly to the 20mm webbing, reduces the necessary slackline components to an absolute minimum. The 5cm wide tree loops distribute the pressure optimally and thus protect the trees. (Note: Please always use with tree protection, to protect the tree from abrasion. Be sure the WHOLE tree is protected. A towel or when traveling your t-shirt will do).

The loops for the anchor stitch are sewn twisted. This allows the anchor stitch to align better and the load on the bartack seam is evenly distributed.

The Traveler set is tensioned by hand. This means that the tree loops must be mounted at a certain height of 0.5-2m (depending on the span length). This hand tension is the perfect tension to enjoy this webbing, no more is needed!


  • Maximum set up length: approx. 15m (depending on the diameter of the trees)
  • Tree-friendly 5cm wide slings
  • Breaking loads: 15kN (the webbing breaks where it is sewed to the TreeSling)
  • Stretch: very similar to pinkTube (23% @ 10kN)
  • WLL: 4kN
  • Weight: 1040g


  • 15m polyamide (20mm wide) webbing (LSD-T20) with attached sling and one additional endloop for extending the webbing in combination with other webbings like TRAVEL-40
  • 5cm wide and 2m long tree sling
  • KingPin-Weblock
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